How To Use Home Staging To Sell Your Property Faster

Your home has been listed for sale with a real estate broker and to your dismay no buyer is really interested in it. It has been almost a year now and you thought that certainly your lovely house should have been sold by now. After all, your price was reasonable and your realtor had assured you that buyers would snap it up quickly. What then is going wrong why your house is still sitting in the “unsold” lot? The latest advice you received was to stage your house to attract buyers. But, isn’t it just like cheating? Why should you spend more money to get your house sold? Isn’t the realtor’s commission enough money already? Here are compelling strategies you can use to convince buyers to take your house now.

Boston Apartments
Boston Apartments

Stage your house! Yes, you heard right – stage it so that buyers will want to take your house off your hands as soon as they see it. Staging your home to look as attractive as possible is not cheating, it is clever marketing of a property that may also contain flaws. Hold on, is it really necessary to go through all that trouble? Certainly, if you want buyers to make you an offer. You would not want potential buyers to comment on how dirty, filthy, untidy and messy your house is, would you? The first act of staging your home is to give it a thorough cleaning from top to bottom. Not a hard thing to do, right? Professionals in the Mass real estate business will be the first to tell you that a well maintained and clean house will sell faster than a deplorable one.

Boston Apartments
Boston Apartments

You may not even need to spend much to also remove clutter from your home to create more space and an inviting and airy atmosphere. Anyone buying a home with a realtor would be happy to walk through a home that is uncluttered and not cramped for space. No matter how much square footage your home really is, if it is cluttered and cramped, it will appear small and uninviting to the potential buyer. You would not want to see your potential buyers walk away on account of something which you could have easily correct with a move of a chair here and a table there, would you? In removing clutter, look out for any item that does not belong to the space. Piles of books, papers, scattered toys, clothes, and other items that simply do not belong in the space should be removed and neatly stored elsewhere. You will be amazed at the transformation that this simple action would create.

Boston Apartments
Boston Apartments

There are many tactics you can use when selling your house quickly through staging. Professional stages are also available to help you to present your house in the best way possible. With their help you can rearrange furniture to create a more spacious effect, remove personal items such as family photos and mementos, change dated appliances and fixtures, address the windows to allow more sunlight in, paint and redecorate the house to give it a perfect face lift, and even landscape the premises. Yes you will be spending money when you use professionals, but consider the rewards when the buyer accepts your price and purchases your house much faster.

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Please note the content is not intended to be, legal or investment advice. You should consult a licensed attorney or realtor for advice regarding your individual situation.


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