Building a Home On a Tight Budget

The land you bought has taken up all your money and your bank accounts are dry. You definitely need to build your home as you can no longer continue to live in rented premises, the landlord is threatening you again with eviction! Your friends and family have turned down your requests for a loan and you must find a lender who will finance your home construction. It is a good thing that you already bought the land, as otherwise you would have to borrow extra for that. As it stands, you were able to secure a construction loan but it is just what you could afford and it is quite small. How can you build a decent home on such a tight budget?

MLS Listings MA
MLS Listings MA

If you were buying a home from Massachusetts you would have needed the help of real estate agents with Massachusetts real estate license. Since you are opting to build your home, you would need a good strategy to finish it successfully without blowing your budget. The first thing is to use a certified general contractor for your project. This is a builder who is very experienced and has access to suppliers and sub-contractors that you do not have. You will be amazed at the savings you can achieve when you use this professional instead of an unlicensed person. Stay away from site preparation costs, if you can. Of course this all depends on the land you have acquired in the first place, and an ideal plot is one that does not need too much preparation, like grading or filling, to accommodate your building. Monitor your project to ensure that the contractor delivers exactly what you wanted. A lot of money is wasted when you fail to monitor the contractor and have to instruct him to make changes to what have been installed already.

Constructing your home from scratch can be exhilarating but it can be traumatic if you do not have the right plan or construction team in your corner. Builders of commercial property will tell you how crucial adequate planning is to the entire building process and the tremendous cost savings that are achieved with the right blueprint. You will indeed save tremendously with an architectural drawing that you do not need to change later as you construct. Any change to your blueprints during construction is not only costly but time consuming as your project gets delayed even further. Ensure that your plan is solid to start with before you break ground.

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